Are You a Better Blogger than a Fifth Grader?

As search engines shift emphasis away from keywords and instead shine the spotlight on good content, many keyword crusaders are left scratching their heads. “What is ‘good content’ when it isn’t measured by keyword density?” “How do I farm it?” “Can I buy some on Fiverr?” Perhaps it’s this confusion that recently prompted representatives from both Google and Bing to address some of the most basic elements of content writing.

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5 Apps We Want to See in 2014

These days, you can do almost anything on your smart phone or tablet device. “There’s an app for that” has become the mantra of our modern age—and at times it seems scarily accurate. There are apps for breaking up relationships, apps for communicating with ghosts, and even apps for recording your BMs. But there are still a few apps we’d like to see that don’t yet exist (or at least we couldn’t find them). App developers, take note: these are the apps we want to see in 2014!

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Keyword Data (Not Provided)

This past week, Google dealt an unannounced blow to the SEO community by encrypting nearly all search activity that does not originate with an ad-click. Web marketers woke up to a dramatic spike in “not provided” keyword referrals, and watched as one of their primary streams of valuable data dried up. On Facebook, Twitter, and blogs across the web, businesses are demanding an explanation, but Google has remained silent about the change. Many believe it is connected to recent accusations that the search engine giant supplied users’ private data to the NSA. Continue reading

Can Search Marketing be Replaced by Social Media?

Imagine that your business had to sacrifice either its search marketing or its social media marketing. Which would you cut from the budget?

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Facebook a Table at Your Favorite Restaurant

How many clicks does it take to get from a mouthwatering dinner special posted on Facebook to a reservation at the restaurant offering said special? Several less than it did one…two…three days ago. As of Monday, Facebook began rolling out a new feature that specifically benefits restaurant pages and users who like to eat food: the ability to make restaurant reservations without leaving the comfort of your Facebook mobile app.

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Automated Queries: Don’t Send in the Bots

When I was a kid, I believed we’d all have robots someday: powerful metal manservants like C-3PO, Gort, Marvin the Paranoid Android, and Arnold Schwarzeneggar who would attend to our every whim. But here we are in 2013, and my only robot so far is Rosie the Roomba. Then again, the definition of “robots” has broadened over the years, and doesn’t only refer to physical automatons; these days, we’re more concerned with virtual robots, or “bots,” and there is no shortage of those on the Internet. They make our lives easier, as robots should, but unfortunately a great number of them are devoted to virtual mischief, like performing Automated Queries. Continue reading