The birth of a freelance network

It's time that clients got treated properly; we're here to stop the abuse.

On one side, there are some great agencies out there (trust us, we worked for them). Amazing cultures, full glass conference rooms overlooking major cities, in-house chefs and automated desks that convert from standing to sitting. That's great for the employees but it's absolutely terrible for the clients. We've watched client after client be reeled in and pay $250/hr for digital marketing services to cover the massive overhead. Now yes, we're the cream of the crop, but that's an absurd rate to charge for our services no matter how you look at it.

On the other side, you have the basement SEOs. The "digital marketing pros" out of India (no offense India). The "local guys" who know their area. This is the other side of the spectrum. Sure, you might luck out and get a good freelancer, but in this bag of freelancers is a cesspool of people who have no clue what they're doing. We see this side too because client after client gets a manual penalty or a "sudden drop in Google" and they come to us willing to pay whatever it takes to recover.

The abuse has to stop. It drives us insane. We've worked with hundreds of clients who, for the most part, were genuine people with a passion for their business. They don't know digital marketing, but that's why they trust the experts. When they're betrayed by the "experts" then you get the state of the industry today: a lack of trust, a misconception of what we do and absolutely no clue about what they should be charged.

Well, we're ending it right here and right now. We'll never charge as much as the baseline agency rate. Our quality will always be leagues ahead of normal freelancers. We're not just here to gain your business, we're here to restore your faith in the digital marketing industry and show you that there are good, genuine people out there who don't just see dollar signs every time they look at you. We're also here to generate revenue for your business. 

We love this stuff. We breath it, we think about it in our spare time and we basque in glory every time we see huge increases. Our goal is to generate revenue and make your business successful and watching your business grow honestly makes us happier than it probably should.

Oh, and our contracts have opt-outs at any time. We know that once you discover the bright side of this industry then you'll be hooked.