Google Analytics Setup

What is Google Analytics?

Simply put, Google Analytics (GA) is the most powerful analytics software in the world. In fact, large corporations can pay for something called "Google Analytics 360 Suite" which puts the entire world's data at your fingertips. To give you an idea of pricing, well.. we don't have a single client using 360 suite, so we'll stick with the normal version for now.

GA gives data on every user. You can filter that data, create separate views and even look at the demographics of your visitors. The thing with Google Analytics is that you need to set it up as soon as possible. Once it's set up, it does not retrospectively add data (it only collects data from the setup date onward). This means that every day you spend without GA is another day not accumulating data. Without data you're really just playing in the dark.

Why do I need it?

-Gives you a high level of detail on who is visiting your site, where they're going and where they're coming from

-Allows us to measure success and report it back to you

-Connects directly with our reporting platform, saving a lot of time and money

*Google Analytics is required for all marketing services


Don't have GA setup on your site? Need bad data filtered out? We know that program inside and out, so click below and we'll get you up and running!