Google Analytics Training

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Beginner Training

Don't worry, if Google Analytics scares you then you aren't alone! GA is extremely powerful and can easily send you into data overload with no idea of where to click or what to do. If you're worried about learning all of it, don't be because you only need to know a sliver of it. We'll do a basic 30 or 60 minute walkthrough with you on how to get the data you need out of it; nothing more, nothing less.

Intermediate & Advanced Training

Of course, we're experts in Google Analytics as well. If you've got the basics down and want to dive into the heavier stuff then we can teach you:

-Enhanced eCommerce
-Implementing with Tag Manager
-Advanced Filtering
-Event Tracking with analytics.js
-Or anything else!


Ready to take the slow dive into Google Analytics together? We'll guide you every step of the way, click below to contact us and get started!