Local Search & Schema Markup

What does "Local Search" mean?

Local Search is kind of a loaded term these days. It mainly involves location-specific searches but has expanded to include Google Maps, Google+ and Schema Markup.

Google Maps, Google My Business & Google+

These products not only put you on the most-used mapping program, but they also allow users to post reviews about your business, see your contact information directly on search results and much more. Truth be told, they can be very difficult for a newcomer to navigate and they tend to be very intuitive which is why we get so many requests to set them up. If nothing else, you'll want to get verified. This is Google's way of proving your identity and opens up a lot of possibilities. However, it involves a physical postcard and a lot of frustrating menu navigation. We're here to take the pain out of it for you!

Schema Markup

Have you ever seen those review stars directly on Search Results? Ever seen those nicely formatted boxes with lots of pictures and buttons? Those were most likely generated using Schema Markup. Some of those pull from other places such as Google Maps, but Schema allows you to "dress up" your search results. If your search results look fancier than your competition's then a user it much more likely to click on yours. That's the basis of Schema Markup.

The implementation is less exciting and involves coding, which is where we come in. We'll review Schema options with you, show you pictures of how other people do it and get to work.


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